Two syllabuses for the price on one! The old 2016 syllabus PLUS the 2022 syllabus resources.


This bundle of Spaced Repetition Questions (SRQ) worksheets are designed to support the teaching of CIE AS Chemistry.

SRQ worksheets stagger and plan the answering of questions to automate the effect of spacing which improves recall and memorisation. They test and extend knowledge and maximise learning effects.

Whilst some of the SRQs in the range test knowledge, many are long answer, synoptic questions designed to provide a deeper experience than traditional worksheets. They should ideally be issued to students at the end of a unit/topic. 

This resource is composed of 21 worksheets of at least 5 questions with answer sheets including worked solutions for more complex problems.

It is arranged and referenced for the scheme of work from Cambridge International Examinations AS and A Level (Chemistry 9701).