summer 2020

Each academic year all resources are checked to see if they are current - any alterations are always provided free to customers until such a time as a radical overhaul or new syllabus is released.

Please find below the relevant details regarding your latest UK specification for Chemistry, whether AS or A-level.

All information on this page

is correct as of 22nd July 2020





Version 1.1 from December 2015 remains king! AQA content for the third year has zero changes. If you download the AS/A-level pdf from the website today it is the exact same file you would have downloaded back in 2016!

The AQA specification found by following this link is the latest version:

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CIE released a new syllabus from examinations in 2022!

ALL ChemCatalyst resources have been updated - if you purchase resources now you will receive the resources for the old syllabus AND the new syllabus in your download

Teachers starting in September 2020 with Year 12, will need to use the old syllabus for the AS in May/June 2021. 

Only start new syllabus content with AS in September 2020 if your students will take ALL the exams (AS & A2) at the end of two years (May/June 2022) and no exams in Year 12.

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If you download the pdf of either the AS or A-level specification from the OCR A website - it is technically a different file you receive.


At AS level version 1.3 from April 2020 replaces version 1.2 from January 2019.

At A-level version 2.5 from May 2020 replaces version 2.4 from January 2019.

Good news though - the content is unchanged!

The non-teaching related changes in the latest versions include:

Please note, page references are from the AS pdf and may differ in the A2 pdf.

  • p2 - OCR have changed their registered address and updated their copyright from 2017 to 2020 (the copyright in the footer is still 2016 strangely enough)!

  • p4 & p64 - the new OCR Online Support Centre can be found at, it appears that the old Science community ( mentioned in the previous version is now defunct.

  • p43 - one of the 'Post-results services' has been renamed from 'Enquiries about results' to ' Review of results'. It looks like the same service with centres now able to request a review of marking - which I doubt is any different in practice to what existed before but I do not know that for certain.

  • p55 - summary of the changes written here are highlighted.


The OCR A specifications found by following this link are the latest versions:

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There are zero changes to the EdExcel specifications for AS or A-level. If you download the files from the website today they are the exact same files you would have downloaded a year ago!


The EdExcel specifications found by following this link are the latest versions: