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All resources are fully customisable and do not include embedded ChemCatalyst logos or copyrighted content.


As an experienced teacher the resources can be tailored to you, your school and your students.


As a newer teacher, these resources can also address concerns about covering content in enough detail as well as avoiding sleepless nights worrying about planning!


As well as resources for US High School, all UK resources are currently mapped to either AQA, EdExcel, OCR A or CIE and support the AS and A-level specifications.


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ChemCatalyst presentations are built with mastery learning in mind but are flexible enough to fit any teaching style.


Mastery learning insists that students must achieve a level of mastery (between 80-90%) of a topic before moving forward to the next.


If a student does not reach that level then they are given additional support in learning and reviewing the information until the work has been mastered.


All ChemCatalyst presentations are created on Microsoft PowerPoint and have the following characteristics inbuilt which develop mastery:

  • frequent practice questions including worked examples

  • lists of specific past paper questions

  • content delivered in small chunks

  • reminders for review

  • content spaced and interleaved to ensure learning not performance

A ChemCatalyst Student Folder
A ChemCatalyst Student Folder
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A ChemCatalyst Student Folder
A ChemCatalyst Student Folder
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A ChemCatalyst Student Folder
A ChemCatalyst Student Folder
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Resources for any teaching style

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Flipped Classroom

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Outline of Teacher

Hybrid Mastery

Teacher Led

Create a full flipped classroom curriculum. 


Record your lesson ahead of time using ChemCatalyst presentations to support the delivery, students work on homework, past paper questions and other worksheets during lessons


Students work completely independently at their own pace.

Teach to the entire class but have extension activities and additional practice available for those who work more quickly.


Only move on once everyone in the class has mastered the work and is getting over 80% of the problems correct.

All ChemCatalyst presentations and SRQ worksheets are completely customisable.


Edit, re-order or adapt the resources to the needs of your students and your own style of delivery.



Spaced Repetition

Using spaced practice is becoming more and more popular because the act of repeatedly retrieving knowledge produces powerful effects on learning and retention.


The act of recalling information to answer questions is what tells the hippocampus that this information is important and that it needs to be stored.


Research shows that the more often you recall the work and the greater the gap in time between those recall attempts the greater the learning will be.


With only limited teaching time ChemCatalyst Spaced Repetition Questions (SRQs) stagger and plan questions to automate this process, test and extend knowledge, and maximise effects.

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Stretch and Challenge

Throughout the SRQ worksheets students will come across Stretch and Challenge  questions.

The structure and complexity of exams is getting ever more difficult to gauge with the year on year pressure on examination boards to provide challenge and rigour.

Whilst some of the SRQs test knowledge, many are long answer, synoptic questions designed to provide a deeper experience than traditional worksheets.


The Stretch and Challenge questions push students understanding, helping them become more flexible as well as developing independent learning skills, preparing for higher education and increasing resilience. 

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Planning and Using

Each SRQ Worksheet has a planning grid at the top, created using the latest research in spaced repetition.


Using some simple maths, students calculate the best time to revise the work and in doing so ward off Ebbinghaus' 'Forgetting Curve'.

The timings are recorded and the students then come back to the questions and topic just as they are about to forget - the best time to learn!

These timings can be supplemented with additional worksheets and questions of your own to attempt at these intervals.

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There are between 18 and 20 worksheets for each exam board.

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Each worksheet comes with fully worked answers in another document

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Use the planning grid to schedule the optimum time to practice

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Engaging synoptic style questions help students to be flexible

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Each file is fully customisable

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How to plan repetition with an SRQ Worksheet



Organic Chemistry Resources

ChemCatalyst: AS Aliphatic Organic Synthesis

Provide your students with a customisable A2 poster for all aliphatic chemistry reaction pathways, including reactants, conditions and types of reaction.

Included: Example .pdf and A2 size fully editable Microsoft Publisher file.

Customise for your students and exam board and provide students with a revision and learning aid for all AS Chemistry organic reaction pathways.


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propandioic acid
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methyl ethanoate
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2,3,4- trimethylpentane
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ChemCatalyst: 101 Organic Chemicals - A-Level Chemistry

101 Organic Chemicals – ball and stick models for A-level organic chemistry.

101 HI-RES, .png pictures with transparent backgrounds.

A huge number of uses as sets of cards, handouts, posters, graphics and more!

Use for starters, plenaries, competitions and reinforcing previous learning:

• Adapt many card games e.g. Functional Group Rummy!, Hydroxy group snap!, CFC donkey!
• Nomenclature practice and races!
• Displays and posters
• Additional graphics for lessons and presentations
• Match names to compounds
• Synthesis pathways to practice reagents and conditions
• Functional and molecular formulae help
• Bond angle visualisation
• And more!

All pictures are named (IUPAC) and categorized in additional smaller presentations by functional group.




ChemCatalyst Logo

Since 2015 ChemCatalyst has been creating engaging digital chemistry resources for teachers. Covering AS, A-level and high school chemistry, they use the latest ideas in modern education.​

Not bland PowerPoints created with Comic Sans. Valuable resources that attract attention, drive attainment, and build your students’ understanding.


Hundreds of hours of work, multiple 5-star reviews and over 16000 downloads later, the ChemCatalyst brand has been recognised by the TES as a ‘recommended author’.



My name is Harry Shuttleworth and I am a career educator and trainer, working in the UK and abroad. My aim is to accelerate and enhance the learning of chemistry and help my fellow colleagues.


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