Prices for 'local' staff

As the international teaching market continues to boom especially in places such as China and Vietnam it is more and more common for 'local' staff to have full teaching responsibilities for A-level content.

My concern is that often these members of staff are paid on different salary scales to expatriate staff. Now it is not my desire to get into the ethics of this situation but it is my desire to make ChemCatalyst resources available to anyone regardless of their salary.

If you are compensated at a level much lower than the UK due to the differences between your countries economy and my own then please get in touch for special pricing.

Harry @ ChemCatalyst

Let's use the imaginary country of 'Angria' as an example - courtesy of the Brontë sisters.

Sam is an Angrian and a  teacher who gets a job at a new international school in Angria teaching A-level chemistry.

Like many Angria teachers, Sam's salary is around £200 per month.

The full ChemCatalyst resources would cost Sam one months salary!

A teacher in the UK on M6 would have to pay less than 10% of their monthly salary for the same resources.