Have all your Chemistry planning done for the year and spend more time doing what matters most.

As term starts and the days accelerate – you could all spend all of your time planning, but you'd probably like some rest too and would really like to spend more quality (and socially distanced) time with friends and family. The AS and A-level resources for OCR A, AQA, CIE and EdExcel by ChemCatalyst.co.uk include over 1000 slides of content specifically tailored to each exam board.

The A-level resources for
OCR A, AQA, CIE and EdExcel 
available @ ChemCatalyst.co.uk
have thousands of slides of content specifically tailored to each exam board with accompanying worksheets

Hi, I’m Harry Shuttleworth and I’ve been a Chemistry teacher and senior leader for 16 years.

I understand how difficult it can be balancing all your responsibilities and not having enough time to plan lessons as well as you would like, when the morning bells ring and you still haven’t got that afternoon’s lesson planned. I've been there and, if truth be told, I'm still there more often than I would like.

So what’s the solution?
Stay up later, push ourselves harder,
take shorter lunch breaks
and work at weekends?

Five years ago, when my first child was born, I asked myself how I could do this differently. Up until then, I continually found myself looking for generic resources online, pulling together and reworking old PowerPoints which didn’t quite fit my syllabus.

These are from old presentations of mine back in 2010:

Slide: Concentation of a Solution
Slide: Rate Equation
Slide: Dot and Cross Examples

So I front-loaded the work and committed to planning all my A-level Chemistry to the best possible level.


To know that everything was done for the rest of the year and see that I had the material in place for every topic, even the ones I found most challenging, significantly reduced my stress and improved my motivation.

ChemCatalyst resources prioritise the chemistry, focus on a minimalist and modern design and included many worked examples for class

You can complete your Chemistry planning, making only minor alterations for your students or lesson length and make the most of your time whether at home or at school. This is the first step to a stress-free and more productive year.

I have helped many teachers with over 27000 downloads of the current resources:

Chemical Analysis - Spectroscopy and Spectrometry
OCR A AS Chemistry Complete Bundle
CIE – AS Chemistry – Unit 4.3 'Halogenoalkanes'
AQA SRQ Bundle
EdExcel – AS Chemistry – Topic 3: Redox I
Feedback Form Example

The presentations and worksheets use mastery learning and spaced repetition to maximise learning. Mastery slides help the teacher check for understanding, help students practice to fluency, and help students conceptualise their understanding by drawing together ideas from different parts of the course.

Whether you record video and teach using a flipped classroom model or lead from the front, the presentations are flexible enough to fit 

any teaching style. Once again, the presentations are fully editable with no branding (save for a logo on the first slide which can be deleted).

See examples of the artwork in each of these slides:

Copper: Addition of Chloride
Delocalised System
Chemistry Examples

Where suitable pictures were not available, new artwork was produced or experiments performed with photography to ensure clarity.

The past paper questions suggested in each PowerPoint are specific and focused. I went through 100s of papers handpicking full questions for each topic taking into account previously taught material.


This built-in more spaced repetition and autonomy for students.

As well as the content, questioning and worked examples, included in the ChemCatalyst resources, you will also find starter activities, wordclouds and homework throughout.


ALL the answers to every question asked are included with intuitive animations, historical references, mnemonics and real-life applications to engage students.

Chemistry Words
Starter 2: Taxol
Tesla Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry

This isn’t just more PowerPoints and worksheets for your collection. If you’re new to the profession or a syllabus, struggling to find a work-life balance or want a foundation to create the perfect lessons for your students then the AS and A2 Complete Bundles from ChemCatalyst are for you.