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*If COVID-19 has caused you financial difficulties which make the purchase of resources challenging please follow this link

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ChemCatalyst AS resources continue to be available to be purchased individually and in bundles by teachers through the TES (UK). High Resources are available through Teachers Pay Teachers (US) - visit the ChemCatalyst Shops below

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ChemCatalyst bundled resources are the result of hundreds of hours of work but are priced for individual teachers on a personal level. They are not priced as part of an end of year departmental order for use by multiple teachers – for options to purchase for a school or multiple teachers please click here.

If you use these resources, adapt them to your students and lessons, and put in a good-faith effort, I will not keep your money if they don’t work for you. You have to let me know if this happens, and I have to refund your money promptly. You have 60 days from the start of your first academic term to let me know if this happens.

Specifically, I want to ensure that you feel that aspects of teaching and learning e.g. the depth of learning, retention or engagement are improving in your classroom. You will see even more – but this is the bar of success for the guarantee.

Have a great school year,

Harry Shuttleworth @ ChemCatalyst