As you know CIE released a new syllabus this year for exams from 2022. So next September a majority of us will be using this syllabus with Year 12.

The new syllabus can be download from CIE directly by following this link.

You may notice that this is already 'version 2' and that CIE released a syllabus update - these corrections have already been updated in the ChemCatalyst content so don't worry about the syllabus update.

what's new in the updated resources?
  • Updated more contemporary design

  • New 16:9 widescreen format to better fit the latest projector technology

  • All files updated to Microsoft PowerPoint and Word 2019

  • Now includes three more years of past paper questions from 2017-2019

    • the old references still remain for extra practice​

    • 2020 papers and specimen papers deliberately excluded for you to use for mock exams, summative assessments etc.​

how has the content changed?

So a lot has changed, mostly in terms of what CIE have removed but there are also a few new concepts spread over AS and A-level. There is also no databooklet anymore. CIE always a lot of extra details when compared to the other exam boards. It seems now that this has been rectified.

More specifically:

  • Extra details removed

    • for example - eutrophication, ceramics​, calcium and agriculture, uses of halogens, lead compounds in petrol, uses of esters and much more all removed.

  • AS topics or part topics moved to A-level and vice versa​

    • for example - Bronsted-Lowry acid bases is now split over AS and A-level and all of mass spectrometry has been moved to AS

  • New topics​

    • for example - linking entropy and electorde potentials with​​

  • Remapping of the entire content

    • 22 modules for AS level

    • 14 modules (23 - 37) for the A-level

should I upgrade?
  • There's absolutely no reason why you can't go through the syllabus yourself like I did, and using the ChemCatalyst resources you already own, remap the content, remove the old and write the new.

  • However, it wasn't a lot of fun, it took me a lot longer than I imagined, and I am hoping that I price the upgrade to make it a 'no-brainer' in terms of the time vs. cost.

how can I upgrade?
  • Upgrade now, using your coupon code

  • As a current customer of either or both of the AS or A2 packages you will have received one or two emails with a discount coupon code, just use the code at the checkout in the normal store to reduce the price of the 'Complete' bundle to £29.

  • New site wide prices will be going into place in 2021 to catch up with 5 years of inflation and as such this upgrade price is only fixed for the rest of 2020.

Any questions? Please ask - or better yet, use the chat option!